An Open Letter To Microsoft

Dear Microsoft,

I’ve been following the roll out of Windows 10 for some time now and I have to tell you, I’m less than impressed. When I first saw the announcements that Windows 10 would be a free “upgrade” for users I did think (very briefly) that it might be a bold decision on Microsoft’s part that might help both the customer and the company. This was quickly followed by the alarm bells ringing as the more rational parts of my brain said “Hang on… what are they getting out of this?”

Subsequently, I’ve seen every single one of the fears that I’ve had come true. First you started sneaking in “upgrade announcements” into what should have been regular updates. Not openly, but hidden and cowardly, because you knew it was wrong. Then came the news that Windows 10 would no longer allow people to control their own computers and that Microsoft would decide when updates were applied. Following that, we found out that Windows 10 had increased the level of spying to unprecedented levels.

No, the excuse that “everybody does it” is not good enough. For the record, I stopped using the Google search engine a couple of years back because of their spying activities. Similarly, though I have an android phone, I take actions to minimize the tracking features and put absolutely NOTHING of a sensitive nature on there. I’m not paranoid, but the idea that every tech company and it’s dog feels they somehow have the right to track me and everything I do is highly offensive and against the common principles of democracy that societies are based upon. The fact that you CAN do something, does not mean you SHOULD.

For the record, I own multiple copies of Windows 7 – bought and paid for with cold, hard cash. I own those licenses, the same way that I own the hardware that they operate on. Microsoft does NOT own my hardware, it does not have the right to install whatever it wants on it to benefit itself. If my computer was a car and you acted this way it would be called car theft or joy riding and would be illegal. Which I strongly believe is true of your company’s actions. Even if everyone is still blinded by the “free Windows” propaganda.

Please be advised that Windows 10 will NEVER appear on any computer owned by me. Nor will any future versions of Windows unless you cease your illegal hijacking and spyware approach. TO make it perfectly clear, I would rather switch to Linux than allow your software to illegally take control of my hardware.

I have heard of many people having problems with the Windows 10 updates–improper installations, broken computers as well as a multitude of comparability problems. I hope, and encourage, all people who are affected in this way to take legal actions to recover the costs of your unasked for and unwanted hijacking attempts.

Finally, I ask all high court’s and governments around the world to immediately prosecute you for your illegal hacking and infiltration.  Microsoft corporation’s actions are quite simply a disgrace.

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