A very special day

Today, is a special day for me. Incredibly special. Exactly ten years ago today my wife and I were abducted by aliens who took us up into space, conducted all kinds of experiments on us, gave us both superpowers and released us in Canada. [#1]

Our lives since that day have been very different from what they were before in England. We’ve spent our time fighting evil, protecting the world from invaders from the 11th dimension, enjoying long hot summers, and learning to cope with deeply cold winters. [#2]

In that time, I’ve never once regretted our move and have even grown to be thankful to the aliens for moving us here. (N’Krrja and Brrrku’l if you see this, say hi to the kids from us! [#3] ). Canada is an incredibly beautiful place; we’ve cruised around in my dream Corvette, spent lots of time hiking, swimming and camping, and it’s the perfect inspirational choice for a writer. There hasn’t been a moment when I’ve not felt I was finally in the right place and I’ve truly enjoyed every minute.

So, as you can imagine it’s a big day here in the Kelly household.

But this morning I woke to an incredible surprise. One so out of the blue that it might have been another event arranged by our alien abducting friends (or possibly a púca!).

The wickedly humorous Christina McMullen has included me in her latest “Write On!” round up of indie speculative fiction writers as one of the “smelly boys,” along with D.E. Morris, Dwayne Fry, Ryan Guy Riley Amos Westbrook, Charles Hash, V.M. Sawh and the uniquely inventive (and fragrant) Kat Cafee. It’s a real honor to be included in this list, especially by someone as talented as Ms. McMullen herself, and adds even more fantastic indie authors to my “to be read” list.

All I can say is a huge thank you to Ms. McMullen for making my already special day even more wonderful! And I hope that Jayden will play a special guitar solo in honor of such a fantastic celebration!

[#1] Not all of these statements are factually accurate.

[#2] May contain technical inaccuracies.

[#3] May not correspond to the reality being currently experienced by the reader.


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