WIP It Good (no flower pot required)

With the redrafted novel back in the hands of my first reader/editor (hi Hil!), I’m taking a slight break from pure writing. Not that I’m not writing. I’m working on a couple of new short stories, but it’s also time to do some prep work that will become part of the support material for the novel.

To that end I’ve been doing some 3D modelling using Blender and here’s a little shot of a WIP.


This is planned as a single-seat utility vehicle, used on space construction jobs. The model needs some refinement and the textures are very temporary, but that will come later.

Oh and here are the flowerpots…


Update: Here are a couple more shots after refining the model and textures further. I’ve also added in some interior detail. The glass tint isn’t quite right, I think that a UV layer should have more purple (haze? 😉 ) and be darker. That will be corrected next.





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