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Here's the first chapter in the Joe Ballen Prequel novella. Fast paced sci-fi action, with plenty of snark! To read the whole story, sign up for updates!

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First part of the new Joe Ballen prequel novella. Fast paced sci-fi action, with plenty of snark!

The latest Novel by David M. Kelly

Kwelengsen Swarm- Logan's World, Book Three

How long can one man keep fighting?

Logan’s dreams of a peaceful life on Kwelengsen have been brutally shattered.  A final battle with the Corporate forces seems inevitable and will cost all the settlers’ lives unless he can get them off planet. But with deadly new species appearing all around them, the remaining survivors find themselves battling enemies on multiple fronts.

And when the settlers start behaving in strange, inexplicable ways, Logan must fight to uncover the reasons behind their sinister death wish. But with Corporate reinforcements on the way, he’s fast running out of time.

The endgame is survival, but who is the enemy?

The heart-pounding climax to the gripping sci-fi thriller series featuring Logan Twofeathers, available May 18th, 2023!



Joe Ballen Series

The Joe Ballen series is a near future, sci-fi noir thriller series, featuring a smart-mouthed space engineer, engaging characters, cynical humor, and plausible science.

Mathematics of Eternity


Logan's World Series

The Logan’s World series is a gripping, new sci-fi thriller spin-off series, featuring Logan Twofeathers from the Joe Ballen books.

Hyperia Jones Series

Tongue-in-cheek sci-fi adventure, featuring septapoid Hyperia Jones. Interstellar pro-rassler by day, by night, she becomes the daring, resourceful, and entirely unscrupulous Tekuani, master thief. The Hype is real!

Hyperia Jones and the Olive Branch Caper

Short Stories

Dead Reckoning and Other Stories

Sci-fi with attitude! This collection of ten intelligent, action-packed, and humorous short stories features a cast of characters all in need of some serious therapy.

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